Eat. Drink. Travel. 9 Day Israel Tour

If you appreciate good food, then Israel is the place for you to indulge! This small country offers a huge variety of amazingly delicious foods, representing cuisines of many countries, existing side by side or mixed together in fascinating fusions.

Simply, Israel offers you a unique culinary expedition of Israel, where you can tour the country while engaging your senses and taste buds! View pricing information below.

Eat. Drink. Travel. Israel Culinary Tour
Eat. Drink. Travel.
9 day tour

Israel's abundance of restaurants, choice of cuisines and unrivaled variety of tastes and aromas − sweet, spicy, sour, hot, Oriental and European are testimony to its rich and lively gastronomic culture.

This gastronomic variety stems from the many ethnic groups settled in the country over many generations, who enrich the variety of authentic dishes to the national cuisine. All of these have made their mark, resulting in an eclectic style and a fusion of exotic tastes and trends.

During this yummy 9-day tour, you will visit Israel's important attractions while indulging your senses with many local tastes and delicatessen, from falafel, hummus, qatayef, halva, knafe, baklawa, laxoox, fricassa and cheese to exceptional Israeli wine and beer.

You will experience the hospitality of local Bedouin tribes, typical Druze, Arab and Jewish cooking, street food and fine gourmet cuisine.

* The restaurants listed in this package may change per availability. It is advisable to book the tour in advance to ensure availability in these highly popular restaurants and establishments.

Welcome to Israel

You will be greeted at Ben Gurion Airport by a Simply, Israel representative, who will drive you to your hotel in the northern city of Haifa.

Use the free time on your first day to rest and acclimatize. Unless of course, you're good to go, in which case we are happy to give you suggestions on what to see or do in this fantastic city. Let us know what your interests are, and we'll point you in the right direction.

Welcome to Israel
Haifa, Israel

Israel's third largest city, Haifa, fronts the Mediterranean under the towering Carmel Mountain. Its terraced landscape offers breathtaking panoramas.

Haifa is home to Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, as well as small communities of Ahmadis, Druze, Baha'is, and others. The city is characterized as a mosaic of peaceful coexistence between the communities.

Haifa is a modern city, with an abundance for attractions, such as religious and heritage sites, museums and galleries, nature hiking opportunities, and a fantastic Mediterranean beach.

For dining, there's a huge selection of restaurants, from contemporary creations to authentic local cuisine.

Try the famous Haifa falafel and shawarma stands, downtown on Jaffa Street. The food is cheap, authentic, and good!

You will find a selection of restaurants, bars and trendy cafes in central Mount Carmel and the German Colony.

Overnight in a beautiful boutique hotel in Haifa.

Falafel in Israel
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Nazareth oriental sweets & acre catch-of-the-day

After a hearty Israeli breakfast, your private guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the ancient city of Nazareth.

Visit Nazareth's market, which has been around for thousands of years, with holy sites built around it. Stroll through the market, and taste the local delicatessen, such as local coffee made by a fourth generation barista, Egyptian-style falafel, Nazareth's famous oriental sweets and what is claimed to be the best katayef in the middle east.

Church of Annunciation, Nazareth
Halva & Tahini in Israel

Visit the Church of Annunciation, the most impressive and spectacular site in the city, considered as one of the most holy churches for Christianity.

The church, an outstanding building in the center of town, is built where it's believed was the house of Joseph and Virgin Mary, parents of Jesus.

Visit a traditional sesame factory that produces great Tahini and Halva. Taste the different kinds and styles of both authentic treats, and if you like, purchase your favorites to take back home.

Finish the tour of Nazareth at El Babour - an old spice store that gatherers aromas and roast coffee from all over the world.

Proceed to the ancient port city of Acre, and check in at a charming boutique hotel in the city's old center.

For dinner, indulge at Uri Buri - a renowned 25-year-old fish restaurant which belongs to one of the most colorful people in Acre. Uri Yarmias, the owner, will accompany us through his magnificent all-you-can-eat degustation menu, accompanied with boutique Israeli wines.

Overnight in Acre.

Fish Restaurants in Acre
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Wine & Other Culinary treats of the Galilee

Tour Acre, the ancient port city built and influenced by the Crusaders, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and the British. This magnificent, medieval city was selected by UNESCO not only because of the continuous settlement from the Phoenician period, but also because the remains of the Crusader town, dating from 1104 to 1291, lie almost intact. The present city is characteristic of a fortified town from the Ottoman 18th-19th centuries, with typical citadel, mosques, khans and baths.

Stroll through the Arab Market (shuk) and taste local sweets such as kenafehand baklawa.

Ancient port town of Acre
Hummus in Israel

Enjoy lunch at one of the most famous hummus joints in Acre. There's always a line of people at it's front door, waiting to eat the hummus which many people claim to be the best in all the middle-east.

Hummus is a Middle Eastern food dip or spread made from chickpeas. It is a common part of everyday meals in Israel.

Try it with tahini, meat, mushrooms, pine nuts or plain.... A visit to Israel cannot be considered complete until you have hummus!

Drive to the holistic, organic settlement of Klil. A unique communal settlement in northern Israel, the village is all about nature. Experience the one-of-a-kind atmosphere and colorful people and engage in one of two great workshops:

Picking wild edible plants and herbs workshop: learn which plants are edible and which are poisonous; learn about their merits and try out some of their uses.
Sourdough bread baking workshop: learn how to bake sourdough bread from Anomeral Ogen, a devout Jew who teaches the thousand year art of baking. Bake and dip the delicious bread in local olive oil while hearing his fascinating personal story.

Flowers & Herbs of the Galilee, Israel
Dalton Winery, Israel

Enjoy a great tasting tour at the Dalton Winery in the Galilee.

The winery makes a great range of wines, and you will hear about them and about making wine in the Galilee mountains from Dalton's wine maker.

Continue to the holy city of Safed. Enjoy a free evening in this artistic, mystic town.

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Mysticism & Authentic delicatessen in Safed

Tour the intriguing town of Safed, one of the holy cities in the Jewish faith, and the birthplace of the Kabbalah.

The picturesque old town of Safed consists of narrow cobblestone alleys with artists' galleries, medieval synagogues, private homes and small guest houses.

Stroll through the narrow streets, admire the local artwork, visit ancient synagogues, and enjoy a tastings at the various vendors along the way, such as Yemenite Laxoox, Tunisian Fricasse, and the excellent Hame'iri cheese.

Safed, Israel
Galilee, Israel

You can choose to add one of these optional activities* in the Galilee:

Ein Kamounim Cheeses - one of the best goat cheese producers in Israel will open their doors for a private tour to experience the process of cheese making %AF from fresh yogurt to 3 year old Gauda style cheese.
Galilee Vineyard Tour - A private tour by an expert vine agronomist. Discover the terrain of Mount Tabor, including clay, limestone, granite and 15 different varieties of vines. Learn how the climate, winds, rock, soil and altitude affect the local wines.

* These activities are optional and at additional cost.

Continue to Jerusalem and enjoy a free evening in this fascinating city.

As Israel's capital and as a tourism center, there's plenty here to keep a traveler busy! Theaters, dance companies and entertainment venues are more than plentiful, and dining options run the gamut. Like any contemporary city, there's also a host of lively bars, pubs and clubs that cater to diverse tastes. Let us know what you're into, and we would be happy to provide you with suggestions and recommendations of what to do.

Overnight in a unique, authentic hotel in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem capital of Israel
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Aromas & piquancy of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is hands down one of the most fascinating cities in the world, with history and culture felt with each step, and home to several sites of key religious importance.

You will visit the main sites of the Old City and experience how the proximity of the various cultures bred an unrivaled gastronomic variety. Hear the thrilling story of this ancient city while nibbling at the traditional dishes of the Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenian Quarters.

The Old City of Jerusalem
The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

Stroll through the 16th century Sepharadi synagogues located in the Jewish Quarter, and walk along the alleys and small shops of the Byzantine Cardo.

Proceed to the Western Wall, the holiest of Jewish sites, sacred because it is what's left of the Second Temple destroyed by the Romans. The adjoining Western Wall Plaza functions as an open-air synagogue for thousands of worshipers, with prayers going on continuously.

* You can choose to include a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels at additional cost.

Visit Template Mount, the revered by all three religions.

To the Jews, Temple Mount is the site of the First and Second Temples, as well as the site of Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac. For Muslims, the Temple Mount is the site from which Muhammad embarked on his Night Journey to Heaven. The Dome of the Rock shelters the very rock on which Muhammad stood. The Temple Mount also contains an ancient and important mosque, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

* Temple Mount may be closed without advance warning for security reasons.

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel
Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Israel

Follow the path of Jesus as he walked, carrying his cross on the way to his crucifixion, along the Via Dolorosa, meaning "way of sorrows".

For as long as Christians have been coming to the Holy City, they have walked the last path of Jesus. At least for the last 1,000 years, it is the same path visitors walk today. As time went on, the sacred stories became sacred landmarks - the Stations of the Cross.

Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, with the Resurrection rotunda which houses Christ's tomb.

Walk through the bustling and aromatic Moslem Quarter, which is not only the largest quarter in the Old City, but is also home to the majority of its inhabitants.

The Moslem Quarter's alleys are consistently packed with residents and east Jerusalemites doing their shopping in the seemingly endless aisles of the quarter's lively market, where you will find a large variety of souvenirs for cheap prices, and local delicatessen such as kenafeh, falafel and hummus.

Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem, Israel
Machne Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, Israel

Experience the vibrant Machne Yehuda Market, one of Jerusalem's real gems. Tour the market with a professional chef, see the vendors shouting at the top of their throats, and learn about their produce and their stories.

After shopping around for fresh ingredients, engage in a fun and tasty cooking course.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

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Beer, Wine & Gastronomy
in the desert

In the morning, drive south towards the Negev Desert, a vast and sparsely populated piece of land which accounts for over half of Israel's land area.

Visit the Negev Brewery - one of Israel's first breweries and perhaps one of the finest until today. Taste all the beer types brewed here, from ale, lager, stout, wheat beer and Scottish style beer.

Negev Brewery, Israel
Israeli wine in the Negev Desert

Take a tasting tour of Yatir Winery. The winery is located close to the vineyards of Tel Arad, an archaeological site which has findings from the Canaanite Period and that of the early kings of Judah.

The winery represents some of the newest technology and a fresh modern perspective in wine making. In the past decade the winery has produced some of the best wines in Israel. Their famous Yaar Yatir wine was awarded the highest Robert Parker score for israeli wine.

Visit Rahat, the largest Bedouin town in Israel, and enjoy a traditional lunch feast. The Bedouins, considered by some as the most hospitable people on Earth, are a group of nomadic tribes who have lived in Israel's Negev Desert for hundreds of years, tracing their heritage back to the traders on the ancient Spice Route.

Visit Desert Bounty Farm, located on an ancient agricultural site that still produces medicinal herbs using ancient agricultural secrets close to a dry river bed. Experience this special place and listen to the fascinating story behind these remote farms, while enjoying the intoxicating aroma of the perfumed flora.

Bedouin tribes, Israel
Bonfire in the Negev Desert

The "kumzitz" is one of the great Israeli traditions of gathering with a group of friends around a bonfire. Enjoy a fantastic outdoor dinner in the secluded desert, with a bonfire, potatoes and slow cooking in the Poyke pot. While we wait for the food to cook, enjoy the stillness of the desert and hear some folklore stories.

Overnight in an authentic Bedouin Khan tent. Alternatively, you can opt to stay in one of the beautiful cabins in the village with en suite bathrooms and showers, at additional cost.

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Street & home cooked food in Tel Aviv

Arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city and business hub.

The city is spread over more than 10 miles of the Mediterranean coastline, and is known as the "City That Never Sleeps".

It is notorious for its beaches, culture, vibrant night life and excellent cuisine, from authentic street food to upscale, gourmet restaurants.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Fresh vegetables in Israel

Israel produces the most splendid quality of fruits and vegetables, from the legendary Jaffa oranges first exported to Europe in the 1930's, to the kiwis, star fruit, citrus, tomatoes, peppers, and flowers exported today.

Taste the magnificently fresh produce as you stroll through the Organic Farmers Market in the Tel Aviv Port. Speak with the growers, farmers and boutique producers while trying out their crops.

Discover the quiet universe of the Levinsky Market, filled with scents of saffron and cardamon, dried fruits, teas, and rice. The five-block market boasts a dizzying variety of fresh but cheap products, including varieties of fresh olives, cured and smoked meats and cheeses, and invigorating herbal tea mixes. Along the market you can see lined up all of the generations of Jewish cuisine, from all over the world, and you can understand how the restrictions of religion and kosher rules have bred an entirely new form of cooking.

Enjoy a lovely stroll through the market and for lunch enjoy tasty, traditional Jewish cuisine.

Levinsky spice market in Tel Aviv
White City of Tel Aviv, Israel

Tour the White City of Tel Aviv and discover why it was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walk through Rothchild Boulevard, a beautiful boulevard lined with one of the world's best concentration of historical buildings representing the Bauhaus architectural style.

Continue through the narrow alleys of the bohemian Neve Tsedek neighborhood and the Susan Dellal Theatre.

In the evening, experience the hedonistic side of Tel Aviv and its notorious night life by enjoying the local bars and clubs of the "city that never sleeps".

Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv night life
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Culinary treats in Jaffa

Visit the newly renovated Old Port of Jaffa. Enjoy the Port's exquisite Mediterranean views and myriad of cafes and restaurants in the boardwalk.

Continue to the lively, modern Jaffa flea market. Weave your way through a mixed array of treasures and junk. Merchandise varies, but copper, brass, old Persian tiles, and jewelry are always to be found, as well as Judaica items. Bargaining is the order of the day; feel free to indulge in lengthy haggling!

Jaffa Port, Israel
Shakshooka in Israel

For lunch, try another fantastic Israeli food at the original Dr. Shakshooka in Jaffa.

This scrumptious concoction of tomatoes, onions, plenty of garlic and sweet paprika may look like a fairly liquidy mess, topped off with a poached egg in the same frying pan - but together with loads of bread to soak up all those frying pan juices, you will discover a fun and satisfying meal!

If you're feeling adventurous, we encourage you to try a new culinary experience offered in Israel - EatWith - a global community that invites you to dine in homes around the world.

Connect with amazing hosts, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine.

Overnight in Tel Aviv.

* You can choose your host according to your tastes and preferences. This activity is optional and at additional cost.

Home cooked meals in Israel
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Final taste of Tel Aviv & Departure

Tel Aviv is a heaven for fans of gourmet restaurants. One of the more famous and considered to be the finest in Israel is Catit. Before we say goodbye, Simply, Israel would like to treat you to one last fantastic lunch at this remarkable restaurant.

Make use of the rest of the day to rest or explore Tel aviv at your will. We shall be delighted to offer you suggestions and tips on how to spend your final day in Israel in the best possible way; just tell us what you are interested in and we shall help you design a plan for the day.

A driver will take you to the airport 4 hours prior to your departure.

Gourmet restaurants in Tel Aviv
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